Happy Valentines Day ♥️

I LOVE love! It is so lovely.

So I’m dedicating this post to my gorgeous husband Kieran 😁! He has been my valentine for 9 years now. We have been through everything together and we are still going strong.

This is us at prom, and just married!

I have learnt through our nine years together, that you don’t stop getting to know each other, or at least we haven’t yet! It takes a long time to truly get to know someone and I’m glad he chose me to know him the best!

He recently got a face tattoo, and although a lot of people think this is plain wrong, I happen think it looks pretty hot 😏!

He has been pursuing his passion for Rap music recently and I would love it if you guys could check out his first video! It’s an A-Z Rap challenge and I’m not even being biased, it is really good! It would mean so much to him and might score me a few browny points this Valentine’s Day 😘!

Kie For King – Alphabet Avenger

If you have a YouTube account and you enjoyed it give him a follow too!

I love you Kie, always have, always will.

LOOK BOOK 06: Work Out

Like many of us, I want to get fit. I want to be more flexible, feel healthier and of course, look better.

Starting is the hard part.

I love my meat and two veg and I’m partial to a salad too, the problem is, I’m also partial to all the sweets, chocolate, cake and crisps you could get your hands on. Basically I like ALL food!

I do minimal exercise apart from running around after my one year old son, and I am really struggling to get the motivation to start! I’m aware I don’t have an awful figure and I’m not exactly looking to lose weight. But I REALLY want to be fit and healthy!

Do you see my problem!?

Today, to try and kickstart the start of a healthier, more active lifestyle I decided the best place to start was my outfit of the day!

I customised a men’s small tee from STR8ARM the new Calisthenics Apparel Brand!.. What I mean by customised is that I took the tee and cut it into a crop, I then rolled up the sleeves to create a better fit!

I’m hoping the ‘I’m an animal’ slogan will give me some motivation to start working out 💪🏻! I paired the crop with some black skinnies to match with the text. I’m pretty happy with it!

What do you think?

I decided it would be best for me to start by completing a small fitness challenge, something I could do relatively quickly every day to get that heart rate rising (other than my Husband LOL -sorry had to) and those fitness levels improving! I found some examples on the internet just in case I’ve inspired any of you to do the same!

I found these workouts relatively easily on Pinterest!

Let’s do this folks!

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Lots of Love


The Psychology of red lipstick 💋!

Red lipstick is a statement. We all know that. We tend to save this shade for a night out or date night so what is it about this shade that women love?

First of all, studies conducted by Psychology Today have found that both men and women find the opposite sex to be more attractive when they are wearing red or even standing against a red background. Red is seen as daring and sexy. So wearing this lip colour boosts the confidence of females because they instantly feel more attractive and assertive.

Some women say that this colour helps them to re-assert their femininity on days when they aren’t feeling their best. Others say it’s just plain HOT!

Red is well known as the colour of love, a red rose is signified as the ultimate valentines gift. So if you’re headed out this valentines make sure you put your red lipstick to good use!

I, myself don’t tend to wear a lot of red lipstick. I tend to go for more plums and nudes. With this blog post in mind today I went with the red theme and It did actually make me feel amazing and indeed confident!

What is your go to shade?

Do you think red is more attractive than other colours?

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REVIEW: Solstice Sleek highlighter palette!

Hey hey people! Today I will be reviewing this little stunner:

The Solstice Sleek Highlighter Palette £10

First of all, top marks for packaging! The mirrored gold correlated perfectly with the reflective highlighters inside!

This product includes two baked powders, one cream formula and one shimmer powder and they are all gorgeous! There is also a handy mirror on the underside of the lid so you can highlight on the go! It comes with a small powder brush too but I’ve managed to mislay that item 🤗.

I use my fingers to apply this product to these areas of the face:

  • Cheek bones
  • Eye lids
  • Brow Bones
  • Nose

There is a slightly different pigment to each and I can’t fault any of them! The creamy/peach tones are perfect to add to the eyelids for a fresh daytime look. The pinks shimmer spells party when you apply it to your cheek bones and the creamy pink can be used for blush!

It’s crazy to think a couple of years ago highlighters were never used in the general public and for many of us they are now part of our every day makeup routine!

I rate this product a 10/10 🤩

Have you heard of this Sleek Highlighter before ?

Valentines Fashion Picks: Dresses

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! …Don’t you just love, LOVE. And the fashion that comes with it of course?!

I do! But you probably figured that out already!

Why? Because love is one of the most beautiful things in the universe. So if we celebrate being born, we are sure as hell entitled to celebrate love! Am I right? Of course I am!

Deep down inside all of us is the desire to be loved, and to love alike. If you’re in love already, good for you! If you’re not, don’t stress, hey, you could even meet your match this very Valentine’s Day. Or party the night away with your single independent gal pals -it’s your day so do whatever you want with it!

So let’s kick off my valentines fashion picks with…

1: The Belice Dress by House of CB

Need I say more! This dress is tailored to perfection and that is reflected in the price at £129! So if you’re planning a sophisticated night out somewhere special, this is the dress for you!

2: The Bonnie Dress from Tigermist

This dress screams passion! The colour of love and the deep lacy plunge make this dress drop dead gorgeous 😍! All the way from Australia this dress will set you back $40 reduced from $89 as it’s on offer as we speak!

3: The Black Lace Fishtail Dress From Missguided

This dress screams classic LBD featuring a classy twist with the fish tail! I’m literally in love with this dress! I’m thinking cocktails in a high rise?.. A girl can dream!

4: This Floral Midi From Oh Polly

What an absolute show stopper! The lace mesh shows just enough skin without being vulgar and the colour is just divine. £55 well spent I say!

Well then folks!<
ve it there or I’ll be here all day! What did you think of the dresses I chose? And what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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