Look Book 01: Surprise Party 🎉

I had such a brilliant weekend! And so did my Husband because I managed (with a lot of help from his Mother and Father) to throw him a surprise birthday party!

The goal was to make him feel special, because that is what he is!

We often dress up just to go for a meal at his mom and dads house, so I thought the perfect plan was to pretend we were having a meal there, when really all his friends and family were there waiting! It was awesome and he had no idea 😁!

Boots: Ego Shoes and dress: Boohoo I received many compliments on my carefully chosen outfit, which I was pleased about as I have been making an effort in the fashion department in recent times!I thought the colours in this outfit were just gorgeous and match with my complexion as sometimes I can look quite pale. The boots are actually so comfortable I could easily wear them on a night out!

The dress, I felt amazing in, but the only downfall was that the side split in the was actually very high! It looks ok in the photograph but if you’re moving around it rides up so given that it’s short already the booty is on show if it goes up any further 😂! I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of flashing people so I actually wore some black gym shorts underneath. I don’t think I should have picked a bigger size as the dress fitted well everywhere else, I think this was just the design of the dress!

All in all I was pretty happy with this look! What do you think?

Jolie Beauty Luxe Glitz Palette : Review + Applied

So I wanted to treat myself to an extra special eyeshadow palette. The kind you only pull out on special occasions. Or to write a review about of course.

I had seen Jolie Beauty products on Instagram and I just loved the colours in the Luxe Glitz palette at £25.99 (there’s a Christmas discount on the website at the moment so you could get it for around £22!) and it’s perfect for the Christmas season too if you ask me!

So as you can see in the photograph you get what I would call five complimentary sets in this palette. What I mean by that is, there seems to be a glitter shadow, then a matchy eyeshadow you can use with it!

Swatches of each below:

The glitter is of a really high standard and easy to apply. The eyeshadow isn’t very pigmented in my opinion as the non-glitter swatches required three layers. However once they’re on your eye they compliment their glitter companions very well!

Below are some images of me wearing the following colours:

I have also used some black eyeshadow to get the desired cut crease and I am so pleased with how it came out. I really can’t wait to try the other colours because they’re all so different.

When you see the glitter you think oh my that could be too much, but here I think it seems quite subtle.

I would wear this make-up look to a Christmas party/meal. You can glam it up even further by adding some false lashes too! I’ve got a jumper on as you can see 😂! Not exactly the best outfit to go with this look but I’m sure you could imagine an LBD for me 😘!

What do you think of this palette and have you ever heard of Jolie Beauty before? Would you like to know more about the other products I used for this look? Let me know in the comments!


Ok guys, you can thank me later. I have found the best highlighter ever!

It is the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter- Bronze Gold, for only £6! Now, compared to some liquid highlighters on the market, this is an amazing price!

Isn’t she beautiful 😍! There is an easy one drop applicator inside but I have found I haven’t had to use it as there is enough liquid on the outside of the applicator already for my intended use, which is to highlight my face after foundation. You can add this highlighter to your moisturiser or foundation if you want an all over glow.

I can’t think of any bad points about this product. It is beautiful, silky and an amazing price!

I have highlighted my cheek bone here to show you how it looks! Im not able to compare it to a more up-market highlighter as I refuse to spend that much money to be honest. I’m glad I didn’t because this one is perfect and you can find it here!

The Magical Lantern Festival: Review

So! Last night Kieran, Hunter and I went to the Magical Lantern Festival in Kings Heath.

Quick Ratings:

Out of 10: 6

Would we go again: No

Would I recommend going? Yes

It was lovely and a good thing was that we got the tickets for £9 each from Groupon when normally they’re £12 each. Kids under 3 go free! I wouldn’t have paid full price, and now, having actually been I definitely wouldn’t have. LOL was it that bad? No it wasn’t, it was very nice but I’d be lying if I said it had all the impact of it’s name.

When you think about what a Festival is, you expect music, and entertainment I suppose. What it is, is a trail of light up statues? Is that what you would call them? They were very beautiful as you can see from the photographs, but I just feel they didn’t hit the mark on the entertainment factor. I feel that they could have added some magical music and maybe even a smoke machine and some people in costume. Am I asking for too much? I can’t tell haha! I wasn’t disappointed as such, but I did expect a little bit more. I would recommend visiting once!

The Food: They had a few nice food stands, with marshmallows, waffles, hot drinks, hot dogs, burgers and the like, and a Santa’s grotto! There were also a few small fairground rides for small children, which was again very nice but very dark and no music. I think the place was just lacking a bit of Christmas spirit!

It was most definitely something different though and I would recommend going once as the lights are beautiful!

It’s still on till the 1st of January. I would first search for a discount such as the one we found on Groupon before paying full price! There is on site parking for a fee of £3.

If you’d like more information click here!