Fashion Friday: Lemon Lovin’ 🍋

Good evening fine people!

It is Friday! Which means we will be talking about FASHION!

I went on a shopping trip with my little family and although we went to re-stock some kids clothes for my little man, I saw the most beautiful lemon two piece in River Island and just had to try it on!

Totally in love 😍! I paired it with a pretty grey crop that I tied at the back to give a more fitted style.

I never wear yellow and I am seriously reconsidering all of my life choices at this point because WHY NOT! Peep that cheek highlight too!

I’ve even gone to the trouble of finding the whole outfit on the website:

Trousers | Blazer | Tee

I hope you liked today’s look, I think it’s my favourite so far!

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Thought of the day…

Hey blogger world! 👋🏻

Lately I have been trying my best to be more positive! And I believe that a great way of doing this is to actively look for the good in every day…

So me and my Husband decided that at the end of each day we should tell each other what we liked or enjoyed about it. As a way to reflect on things that made us feel happy and to become more aware of the ‘little things’ that happen all the time that we may take for granted 🙂

So I found this quote to sum up my thoughts…

What do you think?

And what helps you to stay positive? I would love to hear from you!

Lots of Love


Beauty Q+A With one of my followers! – The Glow Medic

Good Morning beautiful people! I hope you’re having a lovely day so far, thank you for clicking this post!

I love doing shoutouts on my page but I like to switch it up and keep it interesting so today I will be blogging a Beauty Q+A With the beautiful and talented blogger The Glow Medic

Her Makeup reviews are bomb at hell and her photographs are beautiful too as you can see below:

So I thought she would be the perfect person to select for this post! Let’s get to it!…

1) What is your favourite beauty brand and why?

My favourite beauty brand would be ColourPop Cosmetics- their product launches are the ones that really grab my attention and excite me, plus all their products are really great quality at an extremely affordable price.

2) What piece of makeup couldn’t you live without? 

I couldn’t live without an eyebrow pencil. I can leave the house without foundation/concealer no problem, but you know I’m having a rough day if I haven’t even got my brows on!

3) Smokey eye or pop of colour?

I don’t wear eyeshadow on a regular basis so I always like to take the time to do a bright or unusual colour combo when I can- life’s too short for boring eyeshadow.

4) Your go-to lipstick shade and why?

This is very difficult for me because a mother loves all of her children equally, but my favourite lipstick would be the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Bombshell’- it goes with everything.

5) What made you start a beauty blog?

I developed a love of makeup when I first started studying medicine. Makeup was a way to keep a creative passion on the side, a sort of escape, from the challenges and hard work of a medical degree. I started my blog last year after the end of my 3rd year at uni, a time when I transferred from a Malaysian uni to Edinburgh. I thought it would be good to start my blog at the beginning of this new chapter in my life.

6) Who is your beauty inspiration?

Pat McGrath. She is not only an inspirational WOC but she’s probably the most influential makeup artist of the past decade, with makeup looks that are more like works of modern art!

7) Blush or Bronzer?

Bronzer for sure! I may live in Edinburgh, but I like to pretend I live on a beach in Bali.

8) How long does i take you to do a full glam look?

30-45 mins. I was (fashionably) late to a uni medics’ ball recently because of how long I can take.

9) Top makeup tip?

Be smart when buying your makeup. Don’t just assume that the most expensive/well-known brands are the best, or buy things just because they’re hyped-up, read/watch reviews from people of a similar skin type/tone to you, test it out and form your own opinions.

10) Go-to eyeshadow palette?

The Becca Cosmetics Ombre Rouge eyeshadow palette, as it has all the neutral mattes you’d ever need. This, plus a ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock eyeshadow = the easiest eyeshadow look ever.

11) How would you describe your makeup style?

GLAM GLAM GLAM. I did the makeup for a uni play recently and I was banned from using glitter on the cast members as it was ‘too glam’. The horror!

Yaaaaas! Absolutely loved all of these answers! I totally agree with not being drawn into the hype of extremely expensive brands because you can find some amazing alternatives in drug stores!

Thank you for doing my beauty Q+A Iman! I really enjoyed writing the questions and reading your answers!

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Lots of Love



Fashion Friday: Heatwave 🌞

It is not often that you get three consecutive days of sun in the UK, and I am absolutely loving it!

I was not prepared at all and had to rummage through some old summer clothes to find something appropriate for today! And I found this Forever 21 dress that I borrowed from my sister when I was pregnant!

It’s not a maternity dress or anything, I just needed something light and cool for that summer heat!

I picked up this cute choker from Primark for £3 recently and I think it’s so pretty!

If you’re in the UK today (or anywhere hot) I hope you’re enjoying the sun as much as I am! My little boy is loving playing in our garden!

What have you been up to? Got any plans for the weekend?

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Lots of Love


Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

Hey beauties! 👋🏻

This heatwave has literally got me feeling like moving to a hotter place permanently 😍! I absolutely adore summer, no coats, no rain and a whole lotta warmth! Not to mention the killer outfits you can rock!

So I’ve been browsing the Internet in search of some stunning outfits that I’m dreaming of adding to my summer wardrobe…

1: House of CB – Cream Crepe Asymmetric Top

Price: £49

2: Georgia Cut Out Asymmetric Dress

Price: £35

3: Born to Be Chic – Mango Sasha Playsuit


4: Missguided- Premium Blue Printed Denim Two Piece

Price: £92

5: SIX SWIM – Barbados Two Piece Swim Set

Price: £24

Honestly, I could go on forever but I’m going to stop there! What do you think of the items I picked? I especially like the Denim Two Piece and the Six Swim Set because they are so different!

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Primark VLuxe Lash Review 🤭😭

Heyyyyy everyone!

So if you saw yesterday’s blog post I was raving about the new beauty items I bought from Primark! One of which being the gorgeous VLuxe mink inspired lashes for £6

I tried them out today and wore them for approximately 5 hours so I thought I’d let y’all know my thoughts!

First off, I was aiming for something dramatic by choosing the Gala style and I was not disappointed!

The look and style was exactly what I aimed for and I found them extremely easy to apply.

The price of £6 is such a small price to pay for the sheer volume of these lashes!

The one big issue however was the glue that came with them! I felt ok for the first few hours and like I said they applied really easily. However my eyes started really hurting after a few hours of wear and I could tell it was bad quality glue causing it.

When I finally got the chance to take the lashes off I was looking in the mirror and I noticed a blister on my eye ball 😩! I have never had a blister on the actual eye and didn’t know it was possible. I got my husband to check to make sure I wasn’t seeing things (pardon the pun 🤗) and he agreed that there was definitely a blister there. It really creeped me out because it was extending over my iris!

Another four hours later and my eye is still really sore and I can feel the blister when I blink 😭!

So basically, amazing eyelashes, and a whopping 10/10 for those. But the glue has a resounding -1000/10 and I will not be using it again! I have some better quality glue that I will be using to apply them in future. I love a lash but I don’t want to go blind over it people!

Have any of you had the same experience with bad quality glue?

Let me know!

Lots of Love