Makeup Monday 09: Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Look

Happy Monday bloggers! + My non blogging readers of course!

I went on a little bit of a makeup spending spree over the weekend and as you saw by my Primark Beauty Haul Post! I like to keep my spends cost effective because as you can imagine makeup can be an expensive habit!

I actually got sucked into a stunning Kiko Cosmetics shop where a single eyeshadow will set you back £5.90! The price was reflected in the quality of the makeup, the pigment and texture was out of this world! But if you’re on a budget, luxury has to wait! I will be back though 😏!

Anyway… I picked up this beautiful Revolution Pro Palette for £8!


I love all of these shades and will post a swatch pic at some point on my Instagram

So today it’s only right that I show you an eyeshadow look I created using this palette!

I used shades, Riches, Personal and Discrepancy 😍! I only managed to take a few selfies before we went out so sorry you can’t see the whole eye but I think you get the picture 😏. Here’s a video too…

Who do I think I am haha! Peep the matte lip gloss too from my Primark Nude Lip Kit for £3! I think I killed it this month with the bargain buys to be honest!

Let me know what you think!

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Lots of Love


Makeup Monday 01: Ocean Vibes 🌊

Happy Monday People!

Well it’s a happy Monday for me anyway because I work Tuesday-Thursday haha!

So today I will be sharing with you my makeup look of the week! I tend to shy away from the colder shades in my eyeshadow palette, but lately I have been challenging myself to be more creative and step outside of my comfy neutral box!

I actually think these shades compliment my hair colour somehow! I honestly felt like a mermaid all day.

Moving shot 👋🏻 why not! I started by layering the lighter blues in This Palette all over the eye lid. I guess it’s more of a beauty box than a palette. My husband bought me this years ago! Although it looks a little bit childish and it’s got a very small price tag it is absolutely amazing!

As you can tell it is extremely pigmented for the price of £20 for the whole set! But I will do another review entirely for that because I would be here all day!

Once I got done layering lighter tones, I focused some darker shades at the corners working them around the lid until I could see a contrast between light and dark. I added a turquoise colour to the bottom eyelid and hey presto!

I finished off the look by applying some beautiful silver glitter from my Jolie Beauty Luxe Palette , some black eyeliner and some beaut false eyelashes, which I will also do a separate review of in a later post!

What do you think? Would you consider adding more blue to your next makeup look?

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