MAKEUP REVIEW: Iconic London Pigment Stick

I have been using the Iconic London Pigment stick for highlight contouring for around two months now and I absolutely love it!

I use shade 0 as seen below as I have really fair skin.

These pigment sticks can be used as foundation, concealer or contour, it’s up to you really! I bought one for my wedding, and to be honest I would have bought more if I had the money but they are quite pricey! £24.99 to be exact, but as I said I’ve been using it as a highlight for two months and there is still about half left so not too bad on longevity.

I use mine like so:

It works perfectly as a highlighter in this shade and all the colleagues at Iconic are really helpful when it comes to choosing the shade that is right for you! If I wanted to use it for foundation I would have gone for a darker shade for example.

They always leave you with a flawless finish…

I think that in reality it would be fairer to price these items at around £16 when comparing them to other products I’ve used, but they often have discounts running meaning you can get them a lot cheaper than £25 anyway which is pretty cool!

It’s important to note also that all of their products are 100% cruelty free! 🐰

I give this makeup product a 7/10 and would definitely recommend!

What makeup item do you swear by?

Are you a fashion blogger? Comment yours below!

Hey hey everyone!

I have only recently started blogging and instagramming my fashion. I think it’s quite important to get out there and interact with other people who are doing the same thing!

1: Because you can gain tons of inspiration from your peers, whether that’s fashion advice or simply how to take your fashion photographs effectively!

2: Because it’s great to talk to new people with the same interests.

3: Because they may be asking questions you can answer!

So with all that in mind…

If you run your own fashion blog, add it to the comments below and I’ll be sure to check it out and leave some comments myself!

Lots of love!

How to style a deep-v outfit when you have small boobs!

Hey hey everyone!

Now I don’t know about the other small boobed people in the neighbourhood. But I’m a size 8 everywhere and more like a size 6 in the chest department, and it seems that when I buy deep-v cut dresses, jumpsuits etc, I am left feeling a bit silly because there is SO much space hanging out where my boobs should be! So if I went without some sort of bra, my breasts would be out all night and I’m not sure I could handle chilly nipples for that long (or the strange looks).

So I thought why not write a blog about how I styled a jumpsuit that was too big for my boobs!

ENTER: The bralette! These days you can get many different types of bralette to go with all sorts of outfits. Some thick and some sheer like the one I’m wearing above! The model in the photograph was wearing this outfit without a bra but as I was struggling with this option I decided a sheer bralette with a floral appliqué would be perfect! To be honest I think that it only enhances the outfit as a whole 😁! I finished off the look with a simple necklace to divide a bit of the skin space left over and hey presto, I’m pretty impressed!

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is, no matter your size or shape, with a bit of imagination you can rock any outfit you like, so don’t be put off certain styles because you look different to the model on the website!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! So if you have a spare minute, leave a comment on this post!

Jolie Beauty Luxe Glitz Palette : Review + Applied

So I wanted to treat myself to an extra special eyeshadow palette. The kind you only pull out on special occasions. Or to write a review about of course.

I had seen Jolie Beauty products on Instagram and I just loved the colours in the Luxe Glitz palette at £25.99 (there’s a Christmas discount on the website at the moment so you could get it for around £22!) and it’s perfect for the Christmas season too if you ask me!

So as you can see in the photograph you get what I would call five complimentary sets in this palette. What I mean by that is, there seems to be a glitter shadow, then a matchy eyeshadow you can use with it!

Swatches of each below:

The glitter is of a really high standard and easy to apply. The eyeshadow isn’t very pigmented in my opinion as the non-glitter swatches required three layers. However once they’re on your eye they compliment their glitter companions very well!

Below are some images of me wearing the following colours:

I have also used some black eyeshadow to get the desired cut crease and I am so pleased with how it came out. I really can’t wait to try the other colours because they’re all so different.

When you see the glitter you think oh my that could be too much, but here I think it seems quite subtle.

I would wear this make-up look to a Christmas party/meal. You can glam it up even further by adding some false lashes too! I’ve got a jumper on as you can see 😂! Not exactly the best outfit to go with this look but I’m sure you could imagine an LBD for me 😘!

What do you think of this palette and have you ever heard of Jolie Beauty before? Would you like to know more about the other products I used for this look? Let me know in the comments!