NSPA Skincare – Beauty Review 🌱

I am a self admitted, skin care screw up. Even that is an exaggeration, because I’d have to have some kind of skin care routine in the first place to screw it up!

I know I’ve been neglecting my skin, and taking advantage of my youth. Since I’ve been blogging a lot more recently and getting involved in the beauty community I have kind of realised I need to look after my skin a hell of a lot more. I don’t have unlimited funds for such things so I found myself looking in ASDA for some skin care products that were a great price and still gave me that luxury feel!

I came across the gorgeous NSPA Products exclusive to ASDA. They were on offer at 3 for two so I picked up three items that caught my eye! I looked on the back of the items and also realised they are vegan friendly and cruelty free along with being made in the UK. This ticked three big boxes for me because I am trying to be more conscious of the ingredients in my products, how they are tested and where they come from!

And before anyone mentions it, yes, I know I picked 1,2,2 instead of the recommended 1,2,3 but I have lots of moisturiser at home (this was the suggested no.3) and was much more intrigued by the radiant flash serum! Sometimes you just have to go with the items you like!


Price and Packaging: I picked up all three items for £10, which I think is amazing compared to some of the more high end products in this department! The packaging was precise, and modern. I love the fresh blue colour of the boxes, they really felt like luxury items!


I started the routine by using the Micellar Cleanser to wipe off any excess makeup from my already wiped face.

The instructions were as follows:

Apply generously to a cotton wool pad. Wipe the pad in gentle circular motions over skin to remove dirt and make-up, repeat as necessary until the pad is clear. For best results, use morning and evening and follow with Step 2 Treat and 3 Moisturise.

This item worked great! I used a cotton wool bud to wipe off any excess makeup from around my eyes and used a baby wipe to do the rest. There was no scent to this cleanser and it left my face feeling clean.

I then moved onto the Brightening Micro Derma Scrub using the instructions as follows:

Smooth Scrub onto damp skin and work in with gentle circular motions. Rinse well with warm water and gently pat dry. Follow with Step 3 Moisturise. For best results, with dry skin exfoliate up-to three times per week. With more oily skin exfoliate up-to two times per week.

The gentle exfoliator was gentle like the packaging stated, the scent was also gorgeous, I feel like that had something to do with the added ginseng! Also containing vitamin E this exfoliator is designed to leave your face feeling clear, refined and smooth. It did!

After patting my face dry I applied a small amount of Epaderm moisturiser before moving onto my last item!

The Radiant Flash Serum – I just love this one! As you can see below, the glow is phenomenal!

Instructions: Apply serum onto cleansed skin, patting or smoothing in gently. Wear over or under makeup for an instant pick-me-up

I smoothed a pea sized amount over my cleansed face and it looked and smelt divine! I couldn’t pick it up on the photograph but it left my face shimmering ✨!

I am completely impressed with all aspects of these products, and I’m also really pleased that I went for numbers 1,2,2 because I feel like with my added moisturiser between I completed my perfect 4 step process!

I thoroughly enjoyed using these items and would definitely recommend! Have you used NSPA before?

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100 followers and how I got them!

Today I woke up to my 100 follower award!

And I feel like throwing a party! I knew blogging would be hard work and take lots of commitment and consistency to get me where I wanted to be, but the reward of an increasing following is coming sooner than I expected, so that’s just great!

Some of you may have thousands of followers, and my number may be but a pinch of salt to you. On the flip side some of you might only have a couple of followers to your name so far and want to know more about how you can hit that 💯! So here are my three top tips for successful blogging!

1: Post consistently

As much as blogging is done for fun, if you’re wanting to build up a good following, you need to give something back! Regular posts will keep your followers interested. If you only blog every couple of weeks, your blog isn’t going to gain any momentum!

Set yourself the task of sitting down and working out how regularly you can write a good blog post. You might find you can write one every Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Or like me, you could blog daily! It just depends on your schedule and how you decide to fit blogging in! I wake up a little earlier than I used to now, so that I can make sure I have a good blog posted before I go to work!


I can not say this enough! Your blog is ran by you and you alone. But the blogging world is not a lonely place to live… it is rich with information and people that have the same interests as you, and indeed have something to share. Get out into the blogging community and share your thoughts on others posts, if you like the blog, give it a follow. It is that simple. I have picked up so many tips from my fellow bloggers and I have had fun reaching out to others to share a kind word.

If you’re not reaching out to other people, why should people take an interest in what you’re saying? We can all grow together, imagine how good it would feel if you rose to success along with the people who stuck with you from the beginning? HELL YEAH!

3: Make use of the tags!

This is a pretty simple one, when you’ve finally got to the end of your blog post, make sure you tag the topics your blog covers! If you write about fashion, tag fashion. This way people who are interested in he same subjects as you will see your posts! It’s no good blogging into thin air, you will find it a lot harder to gain readers this way! You can add up to 15 tags per post so USE THEM!


As a final note I would just like to thank every single one of my followers! You’re awesome, and a special thanks to those of you that take the time out to read my posts and share your likes and thoughts! It means the world to me, and to say thank you I will be doing a 200 follower giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for that because I’m going to be choosing some great beauty related prizes!

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LOOK BOOK 03: Bringing Sexy Back

Hey hey beauties!

So first off let’s tackle the title of this post. Yes I called it bringing sexy back! Why? Because why the hell not!.. The dress I’m about to talk to you about Is SEXAYYYY!

That doesn’t mean I think I look super sexy or want people to have sex with me when I wear this dress. To me, what it means is it’s a bit daring, sassy and sometimes reveals parts of your body you wouldn’t expect from a dress! It makes me FEEL sexy!

And here it is…

This is little black dress gone bad! As you can see the length is modestly sitting below the knee, however the tie detail at the side takes it to another level! Indeed making it a little less boring and a little more daring!

Because you can tighten and loosen the straps wherever you wish, you can really tailor this dress to your body shape, which I think is amazing!

I chose to pair this dress with a simple black sandal heel to fit in with the tie detail. With the hair I went for a slightly messy look to fit with the un-tamed dress!

What do you think of this look?

Would you wear this dress?

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Colours that suit light skin tones.

Hey hey people!

If you’re anything like me, unless you have a whole bottle of spray tan on you, the colour black is not your friend.

My skin is very fair and freckled, so sometimes wearing dark, harsh colours, actually makes me look ill. So I wanted to share some of the colours I’m loving on me at the moment!


When I wear white, my skin looks considerably darker than normal! (Let’s pretend white is a colour for a moment please). You can wear it any time of year, and literally pair it with any other colour! So you can’t go wrong there really can you!


I just love wearing pinks, peaches and nudes at the moment. It seems that when I wear them I feel warmer. I’ve realised it’s also a good colour match with the ginger hair I have going on at the moment.

This isn’t just restricted to clothing by the way, because I’m also rocking the pink eyeshadows at the moment too!

What?!? You say… It’s not as bad as you’re imagining, here’s an example:

What do you think? It’s possible I’m just looking forward to the summer too much but I am really feeling the lighter colours at the moment! Velvet reds are a distant memory!

The last colour I’m going to share with you today is this beauty!


You might think that blue could only look cold on you but I find this colour actually works really well with my skin, it doesn’t make me look more blue! The harshness of it actually serves the purpose of making me look more pink!

What are your favourite colours to pair with your skin tone?

3 Ways to stay motivated with blogging!

Hey there people!

For a few weeks now I have been focusing on things that make me happy in life. While doing this I realised that I would like to pursue my dream of being a blogger/instagram influencer.

I am on a roll with consistently blogging and producing content at a good rate on my Instagram page (@loleihm), so I wanted to share some of the things that help me to stay on the ball!

1: If you’re feeling de-motivated, have a shower.

If you wake up and immediately feel like you just want to laze around all day doing nothing but eating snacks and binge watching Netflix, have a shower! Wash your hair, pamper yourself and have a think about your blog topic for today… when you’re done, get dressed! When you do these things, you will feel fresh and ready to have a productive day! When I feel fresh and ready I get a lot more done. When I stay in my pyjamas all day it seems that I stay in sleep mode for the entirety of it, and if you have a busy schedule, every bit of free time counts!

2: Take advantage when you’re being productive!

If you are on a roll one morning and you’ve done your makeup, and you’ve picked your outfit of the day to blog about for example, don’t stop there! Take photos of your outfit, then change it, is there another style you want to blog about in the near future? Put it on and get the evidence so that when you have a busy day, you have your content ready to go! If you did your makeup, what products did you use? Is there a product you’d like to review? If so, get the evidence! This means that you already have multiple things to blog about from one morning and you have all the photographs to prove it. Then if you do have a pyjama day, you can still type away on your phone and get that blog posted!

3: Remember the reasons why you started!

When you’re feeling down In the dumps and you’re not getting the followers or readership you wanted, at the rate you expected, DO NOT QUIT! Remember the reasons why you started and focus on those! Make a list of reasons why you love blogging and remember that if you are consistent and pour genuine passion into your blog topic you will slowly build up a following of like minded people!

So! Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below!

What I use for shiny hair!

Here I would like to introduce to you the Garnier Olia Super Shine Oil !

I wanted to tell ya’ll about this today because I honestly believe this product is FAB! Naturally I have dark auburn hair but decided I wanted to go a little lighter for a change, so in order to do that I dyed my hair blonde then put a light copper over the top! Thinking my hair would end up a little damaged I grabbed the Olia Shine Oil from the shelf at the same time as the hair dye. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You add it to damp hair after washing, then carry on with your normal hair routine! I am literally so impressed with it especially after paying a mere £6.99. They recommend using one squirt (Lol, squirt), but I use two because I like to be extra, plus my hair is kinda long.ALSO can I just say it smells literally incredible. I look forward to using it just so I can smell it 😍!I used it today after washing my hair so I thought I better get a snap of the results: I have actually been getting compliments on the health of my hair which is pretty cool because I’m honestly not that great at looking after it… well until now 😏! Let me know what you think in the comments below!