LOOK BOOK 05: The Little Black Dress

The ‘little black dress’ is such a classic look. This style started in 1926 when Coco Chanel used the colour in fashion. Before this time Black was really only used for mourning a death! All hail Chanel!

Whenever you’re struggling for something to wear, the LBD is always there for you! No matter the season, you can slip one on and feel instantly sassed up and ready to go!

Bought from: ORLATURA £20

I absolutely love this dress, it pulls you in in all the right places and the lace deep-v at the front really adds a special little detail.

This particular garment isn’t on sale any more so It got me thinking about what other types of beautiful LBD I could find on the market right now! Here’s three I picked out:

1: Pretty Little Thing- Ruched Bardot Bodycon

This is so dreamy 😍! Pretty Little thing have also took the time out to let is know this dress is perfect for an hourglass figure. The off the shoulder design really adds that feminine touch and £20 is a bargain!

2: Millie Modelli- Velvet Love Letter Midi – £48

Velvet makes you feel so luxurious! If you’re looking for comfort and style I would definitely go for this little number! The tie straps add something a little different to a classic body on.

3: Newer Than Now -Chloe Dress £38

The nude mesh torso and sleeves on this dress are so delicate compared to the, sharp hemmed cotton. I haven’t seen a dress quite like this before and I think it is gorgeous! The design gives all the style of a strapless dress without having to hoist it back up when it falls down, so top marks for that!

So there we have it!

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Eye Shapes: What’s yours?

Eyes are the window to the soul, they say, somehow I believe this. I feel like you can tell a lot about a person through their eyes. What they’ve been through or how they’re feeling.

What do you think my eyes say in the cover photo?

So today I will be talking about different eye shapes and some celebrities who have the same! See if you can spot yours!

Narrow Eyes:

Narrow eyes are seen as mysterious and sexy, paired with a subtle smoky eye they can look fierce! Blake Liveley is a classic example of the narrow eye.

Almond Eyes:

Almond eyes are seen as feminine, exotic and versatile. Almost any makeup look looks good on these eyes! They are wide, yet taper in at the corners, Angelina Jolie has beautiful almond eyes as seen below!

Round Eyes:

If you have round eyes, you are said to seem more open and friendly in nature, they look youthful and bright. My example for the round eye today would have to be the gorgeous Katy Perry:

Deep Set Eyes:

Deep set eyes give the appearance of a very prominent brow and cheek bone which oozes confidence. The likes of Kim Kardashian rock this eye shape and use it to their advantage to exaggerate their stunning face shape!

Of course there are plenty more eye shapes out there so have a look if you’re interested!

What’s your favourite eye shape in the line up?Let me know in the comments below!

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Look Book 04: Plum Two Piece

What do you think of this look I put together?

This two piece from Pretty Little Thing is a beautiful plum shade, a warm colour for the colder months! This look would be perfect for a birthday party or night out with pals! I paired the outfit with my scrappy black heeled sandals!

I think the two piece design is always a good way to pull you in at the waist and the exposed midriff makes the outfit a little bit different when comparing it to a dress!

With my makeup I went for a brown and gold blend of eyeshadow, I also added a small amount of plum along the crease of my eyelid to tie in the outfit a little further! For the Lips I thought I’d give the look a colour pop with a deep red shade.

What do you think of this look? I’d love to hear your comments!

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Why being ginger rocks!

It is pretty plain to see I have ginger flowing locks. Admittedly my natural hair colour is a lot darker than the shade I’m currently rocking, but I just love having ginger hair!

*Insert sleazy Snapchat filter above*

Some people are repulsed by the colour and go to lengths to make it apparent. I’m lucky I don’t tend to care about what people think, as throughout my life I’ve had comments like

Do you think gingers will become extinct one day because no one wants a ginger baby’

‘I could see you from a mile away with that orange head’

Apparently gingers have no souls – this one I actually find pretty funny ! And apparently I’m ‘attractive for a ginger’ a comment my husband particularly dislikes as in his words I’m attractive for ANY woman!

Why is it that people feel the need to mock ginger hair? And why is it that ginger people have been excluded from the emoji community? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ I am left with this emoji to call my own: 🦁

I’m pretty thick skinned so I’m not writing this post for my benefit. I’m not too fussed whether people like my hair colour or not, because I sure as hell do! I’m writing this post for the people who don’t have that confidence, the people who have been downtrodden by constant comments and now hate their ginger hair so much that they have put colourant over the top of it because they feel that they couldn’t possibly be beautiful without it.

It just isn’t true!

If you have ginger hair, you rock! Here are some cool facts to prove it…

  • Red heads are more likely to be left handed.
  • Red Heads are more sensitive to pain- yet tolerate it better.
  • Men with red hair are 54% less likely to develop prostate cancer.
  • Less than 2% of the worlds population have red hair.
  • Red Heads can produce their own vitamin D

Now if that doesn’t make you feel pretty cool then I don’t know what will! I happen to think that being a little bit different is awesome, and generally now I’m an adult I have receive lots of lovely comments on my hair colour.

If you do find yourself in a situation where your ginger hair is being mocked, just let that ‘no soul’ attitude shine through and they will get bored in no time!

I would love to hear some of your comments on this subject, so drop a comment below!

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What do you think of the new blog name!

I have stepped it up a gear with my blog profile and decided to give it a name/domain that better suits the topics I cover! I made a new banner to go with it that I’m really happy with also!

What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback!

I absolutely love fashion and beauty, but without lifestyle and psychology this blog wouldn’t be ‘me’ I will be sharing more family, fitness and psychology posts in the coming months along with my regular fashion and makeup updates! I hope that you will all enjoy these topics as much as I do!

3 Ways to stay motivated with blogging!

Hey there people!

For a few weeks now I have been focusing on things that make me happy in life. While doing this I realised that I would like to pursue my dream of being a blogger/instagram influencer.

I am on a roll with consistently blogging and producing content at a good rate on my Instagram page (@loleihm), so I wanted to share some of the things that help me to stay on the ball!

1: If you’re feeling de-motivated, have a shower.

If you wake up and immediately feel like you just want to laze around all day doing nothing but eating snacks and binge watching Netflix, have a shower! Wash your hair, pamper yourself and have a think about your blog topic for today… when you’re done, get dressed! When you do these things, you will feel fresh and ready to have a productive day! When I feel fresh and ready I get a lot more done. When I stay in my pyjamas all day it seems that I stay in sleep mode for the entirety of it, and if you have a busy schedule, every bit of free time counts!

2: Take advantage when you’re being productive!

If you are on a roll one morning and you’ve done your makeup, and you’ve picked your outfit of the day to blog about for example, don’t stop there! Take photos of your outfit, then change it, is there another style you want to blog about in the near future? Put it on and get the evidence so that when you have a busy day, you have your content ready to go! If you did your makeup, what products did you use? Is there a product you’d like to review? If so, get the evidence! This means that you already have multiple things to blog about from one morning and you have all the photographs to prove it. Then if you do have a pyjama day, you can still type away on your phone and get that blog posted!

3: Remember the reasons why you started!

When you’re feeling down In the dumps and you’re not getting the followers or readership you wanted, at the rate you expected, DO NOT QUIT! Remember the reasons why you started and focus on those! Make a list of reasons why you love blogging and remember that if you are consistent and pour genuine passion into your blog topic you will slowly build up a following of like minded people!

So! Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below!