Beaut Lips for Β£1.50 πŸ’‹

Well hello there to all of you beautiful people! I literally found a bargain of a life time the other day and I’m so impressed with it that I just had to dedicate a blog post to it!

I picked up this beautiful lipstick set by the body collection for Β£1.50, it had been reduced to half price and was looking real lonely in the sale basket, I was literally in love as soon as I saw it.

For one, the floral design of the containers was so pretty and adequately named ‘vintage bouquet’ I could see these looking lovely on my dressing table!

I am used to such a generic packaging design that these caught my eye instantly. I was really sceptical of the price at first and thought that possibly the quality of the items would be lacking. This idea quickly faded when I looked at the price again! I’m 100% glad I bought them because the quality of the items is actually lovely.

I would use these lipsticks for day to day, out and about or going to work. The liners match up really well also, and add to the overall finish and stability of the lipstick!

As you can see the shades are slightly different with one being more peachy and one a slightly deeper pink. I used the first set of colours for the look below, and also used a metallic lip gloss on top.

I found a link online if you wanted to check them out further, but the one I found is Β£11! So I’m feeling real lucky right now haha!

Lipstick Set πŸ’‹

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How to contour your nose, and why I was doing it wrong! πŸ‘ƒπŸΌ

You heard it!… I must have started contouring around two years ago when I got my first contouring palette for Christmas!

I fell in love instantly, and I looked up a couple of tutorials on how to contour, nothing major though because I thought, it’s easy ya’ll I got this! Fast forward to around a month ago I saw an image that legit changed my life! Ok maybe not my life but it definitely upped my makeup game by at least 30%!

This was the image:

Thank you to the human who made this image. Before this I was legit contouring my nose thinking what the hell is this penis looking junk all up on my face, I was supposed to be making my nose look better not making it look like a sausage! This got me wondering how many other contour loving people have been doing the exact same thing!

The new contour technique worked like a dream on my nose as soon as I tried it! So I decided to put together a couple of images myself to show you guys the difference it makes!

Just focusing on the nose here (as I was also in the process of contouring the rest of my face during this process) The top two images show the ‘penis contour’ as I like to call it. You can see that when it is blended, it doesn’t actually make for a very appealing look! The bottom row of images shows you the ‘anchor style’ contour!.. I just made that name up for the purpose of this post so let me know if it has another name 🀣!

Can you see the difference? I really think it makes my nose look a lot more appealing! It is also a lot easier to add highlight to the better defined lighter areas too, which again adds to the overall improvement!

I found a throwback image of the old contour style, and an image from yesterday using the correct technique just to show you guys the difference!

With this new found knowledge, I really feel that I have improved my skills in the makeup department and would love to know your thoughts on the topic!

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Makeup Monday 01: Ocean Vibes πŸŒŠ

Happy Monday People!

Well it’s a happy Monday for me anyway because I work Tuesday-Thursday haha!

So today I will be sharing with you my makeup look of the week! I tend to shy away from the colder shades in my eyeshadow palette, but lately I have been challenging myself to be more creative and step outside of my comfy neutral box!

I actually think these shades compliment my hair colour somehow! I honestly felt like a mermaid all day.

Moving shot πŸ‘‹πŸ» why not! I started by layering the lighter blues in This Palette all over the eye lid. I guess it’s more of a beauty box than a palette. My husband bought me this years ago! Although it looks a little bit childish and it’s got a very small price tag it is absolutely amazing!

As you can tell it is extremely pigmented for the price of Β£20 for the whole set! But I will do another review entirely for that because I would be here all day!

Once I got done layering lighter tones, I focused some darker shades at the corners working them around the lid until I could see a contrast between light and dark. I added a turquoise colour to the bottom eyelid and hey presto!

I finished off the look by applying some beautiful silver glitter from my Jolie Beauty Luxe Palette , some black eyeliner and some beaut false eyelashes, which I will also do a separate review of in a later post!

What do you think? Would you consider adding more blue to your next makeup look?

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