REVIEW: The Selfie Ring

I received this selfie ring as a present for Christmas and I’ve got to say it has done wonders for the quality of my selfies!

Here’s the link!

Basically it’s a circular clip that you attach to your phone when you’re taking a selfie! The ring of light illuminates your face and eyes, leaving you looking flawless! Here’s an example of what it looks like attached:

For the price of £7.59 I would class this as a must have for any blogger that’s into doing makeup! It really helps you to achieve professional looking photographs with your smart phone! Here’s a couple of examples from myself, both taken on my iPhone!

I can’t rave about this item enough! It’s perfect for those gloomy days where there’s no sign of the sun, and if the sun is shining it enhances the photograph even further!

Have you ever seen one of these before? I’ve seen the big commercial ones that the rich bloggers use but I hadn’t seen a mini version until I received one for myself.

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Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

Hey hey people! Today I will be reviewing my all time favourite foundation, so let’s kick it off with some information:


My colour: 200 Soft Beige

Price: £6.49

Foundation is the base of any makeup look, if you don’t find the right foundation for you it can literally ruin what you apply on top! Some people like a barely there type, others like theirs thick and creamy.

Different skin types will react to different foundations, if you have dry skin you may want to try a BB cream with a hint of moisturiser. If you have greasy skin you may want to go for something a little more matte.

I have combination skin so I moisturise dry areas before I apply! I’m also very fair so really if I wanted to colour match I would go for Ivory, but I like to inject a bit of colour with my foundation so I go a shade or two darker!

This foundation is moderately thick with excellent coverage, especially for the price of £6.49. It gives a completely matte finish and I haven’t yet found a foundation better. I tried a different one for a couple of months and I honestly felt pretty rough looking the whole time I was using it!

Above is what it looks like on!

Like I said, if you want to get your perfect makeup look, you need a good base and I would 100% recommend this product, you really don’t have to pay £30 per bottle to get a finish you’re happy with!

I give this product a 10/10!

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REVIEW: Solstice Sleek highlighter palette!

Hey hey people! Today I will be reviewing this little stunner:

The Solstice Sleek Highlighter Palette £10

First of all, top marks for packaging! The mirrored gold correlated perfectly with the reflective highlighters inside!

This product includes two baked powders, one cream formula and one shimmer powder and they are all gorgeous! There is also a handy mirror on the underside of the lid so you can highlight on the go! It comes with a small powder brush too but I’ve managed to mislay that item 🤗.

I use my fingers to apply this product to these areas of the face:

  • Cheek bones
  • Eye lids
  • Brow Bones
  • Nose

There is a slightly different pigment to each and I can’t fault any of them! The creamy/peach tones are perfect to add to the eyelids for a fresh daytime look. The pinks shimmer spells party when you apply it to your cheek bones and the creamy pink can be used for blush!

It’s crazy to think a couple of years ago highlighters were never used in the general public and for many of us they are now part of our every day makeup routine!

I rate this product a 10/10 🤩

Have you heard of this Sleek Highlighter before ?

What I use for shiny hair!

Here I would like to introduce to you the Garnier Olia Super Shine Oil !

I wanted to tell ya’ll about this today because I honestly believe this product is FAB! Naturally I have dark auburn hair but decided I wanted to go a little lighter for a change, so in order to do that I dyed my hair blonde then put a light copper over the top! Thinking my hair would end up a little damaged I grabbed the Olia Shine Oil from the shelf at the same time as the hair dye. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You add it to damp hair after washing, then carry on with your normal hair routine! I am literally so impressed with it especially after paying a mere £6.99. They recommend using one squirt (Lol, squirt), but I use two because I like to be extra, plus my hair is kinda long.ALSO can I just say it smells literally incredible. I look forward to using it just so I can smell it 😍!I used it today after washing my hair so I thought I better get a snap of the results: I have actually been getting compliments on the health of my hair which is pretty cool because I’m honestly not that great at looking after it… well until now 😏! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

MAKEUP REVIEW: Iconic London Pigment Stick

I have been using the Iconic London Pigment stick for highlight contouring for around two months now and I absolutely love it!

I use shade 0 as seen below as I have really fair skin.

These pigment sticks can be used as foundation, concealer or contour, it’s up to you really! I bought one for my wedding, and to be honest I would have bought more if I had the money but they are quite pricey! £24.99 to be exact, but as I said I’ve been using it as a highlight for two months and there is still about half left so not too bad on longevity.

I use mine like so:

It works perfectly as a highlighter in this shade and all the colleagues at Iconic are really helpful when it comes to choosing the shade that is right for you! If I wanted to use it for foundation I would have gone for a darker shade for example.

They always leave you with a flawless finish…

I think that in reality it would be fairer to price these items at around £16 when comparing them to other products I’ve used, but they often have discounts running meaning you can get them a lot cheaper than £25 anyway which is pretty cool!

It’s important to note also that all of their products are 100% cruelty free! 🐰

I give this makeup product a 7/10 and would definitely recommend!

What makeup item do you swear by?


Ok guys, you can thank me later. I have found the best highlighter ever!

It is the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter- Bronze Gold, for only £6! Now, compared to some liquid highlighters on the market, this is an amazing price!

Isn’t she beautiful 😍! There is an easy one drop applicator inside but I have found I haven’t had to use it as there is enough liquid on the outside of the applicator already for my intended use, which is to highlight my face after foundation. You can add this highlighter to your moisturiser or foundation if you want an all over glow.

I can’t think of any bad points about this product. It is beautiful, silky and an amazing price!

I have highlighted my cheek bone here to show you how it looks! Im not able to compare it to a more up-market highlighter as I refuse to spend that much money to be honest. I’m glad I didn’t because this one is perfect and you can find it here!

The Magical Lantern Festival: Review

So! Last night Kieran, Hunter and I went to the Magical Lantern Festival in Kings Heath.

Quick Ratings:

Out of 10: 6

Would we go again: No

Would I recommend going? Yes

It was lovely and a good thing was that we got the tickets for £9 each from Groupon when normally they’re £12 each. Kids under 3 go free! I wouldn’t have paid full price, and now, having actually been I definitely wouldn’t have. LOL was it that bad? No it wasn’t, it was very nice but I’d be lying if I said it had all the impact of it’s name.

When you think about what a Festival is, you expect music, and entertainment I suppose. What it is, is a trail of light up statues? Is that what you would call them? They were very beautiful as you can see from the photographs, but I just feel they didn’t hit the mark on the entertainment factor. I feel that they could have added some magical music and maybe even a smoke machine and some people in costume. Am I asking for too much? I can’t tell haha! I wasn’t disappointed as such, but I did expect a little bit more. I would recommend visiting once!

The Food: They had a few nice food stands, with marshmallows, waffles, hot drinks, hot dogs, burgers and the like, and a Santa’s grotto! There were also a few small fairground rides for small children, which was again very nice but very dark and no music. I think the place was just lacking a bit of Christmas spirit!

It was most definitely something different though and I would recommend going once as the lights are beautiful!

It’s still on till the 1st of January. I would first search for a discount such as the one we found on Groupon before paying full price! There is on site parking for a fee of £3.

If you’d like more information click here!