Thought of the day 01 – Everything has changed…

I saw this quote yesterday and I thought. Yes, this is absolutely true. I guess that’s what ‘relatable’ means.

Many things have changed about my life over the past few years. Lots of amazing things have happened, and some not so amazing things. But what I do know is that I am becoming a better person every day, I think a lot about who I am as a person, there have been lots of changes to ‘who I am’ throughout my life. That’s kind of what happens through experiencing new things.

I try to learn something from every experience I have, good or bad. I reflect and I carry on determined to make my life a little bit happier because of it.

I have my flaws and I’m still working on some aspects of who I am. But I am more myself than I have ever been.

I just wanted to share that with you guys, because I want you all to know, it is perfectly acceptable to change, and even be a completely different person to who you were a few years ago. Experiences do change us. It’s up to us to decide how!

Lots of Love


Happy Valentines Day ♥️

I LOVE love! It is so lovely.

So I’m dedicating this post to my gorgeous husband Kieran 😁! He has been my valentine for 9 years now. We have been through everything together and we are still going strong.

This is us at prom, and just married!

I have learnt through our nine years together, that you don’t stop getting to know each other, or at least we haven’t yet! It takes a long time to truly get to know someone and I’m glad he chose me to know him the best!

He recently got a face tattoo, and although a lot of people think this is plain wrong, I happen think it looks pretty hot 😏!

He has been pursuing his passion for Rap music recently and I would love it if you guys could check out his first video! It’s an A-Z Rap challenge and I’m not even being biased, it is really good! It would mean so much to him and might score me a few browny points this Valentine’s Day 😘!

Kie For King – Alphabet Avenger

If you have a YouTube account and you enjoyed it give him a follow too!

I love you Kie, always have, always will.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hey heyyyyy! You guessed it, it’s me, back with a daily blog! I feel great that blogging has become a part of my daily routine. I feel proud that I have stuck to something for once, I was starting to think I wouldn’t stick to anything!

So I thought I would do something a bit different today and let ya’ll know 5 things you (probably) don’t know about me! So here goes…

1: I am left handed. And proud clearly 😏! The way I Write means I’m practically writing upside down, which makes keeping my ink neat pretty hard as I drag my hand over everything I just wrote! I love being left handed none the less.

2: I have five siblings. Yep. I have four sisters and one brother! We are all really close and I love it 😁! My mom clearly loved it too, she’s a wonderful mother!

I was pregnant here haha can you tell! This photograph was taken a few years ago now, I’ve definitely changed.

3: I am completing a L2 Pharmacy Assistant Qualification. I have a part time job as a trainee pharmacy assistant! I really enjoy it actually and it’s great learning about different ailments and medications that go along with them! I am doing maternity cover at the moment so it is a high possibility I will just qualify and leave haha!

4: My Husband and Son are my world! Ok you probably knew I had a husband and son if you’ve been reading my blogs but I don’t mention too much about how much I freaking LOVE them. I’m not me without them and they make me a better person every day. Just because they don’t feature a lot on my blog doesn’t mean they aren’t the most important aspect of my life, I am just dedicated to creating my fashion/beauty platform!

Kieran and I have been together for 9 years now! My little baby cakes Hunter is 1 and I’m loving every moment of being a mother 😍!

5: I love dancing! No I don’t mean like professionally and I don’t go to classes. But get me at a party or in a nightclub and it’s just me and da dance floor 💃🏻! I just feel free and all I’m thinking about is my next dance move haha! I’d like to learn ballroom one day, that would be awesome!

There we have it my lovely people!

My challenge to you is to write something interesting about you in the comments below!

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Lots of Love



Hey there beautiful bloggers! I’m pretty excited about this post as I have been nominated to do the TMI tag by the gorgeous Stephanie Leigh Beauty. Thank you Stephanie! She runs a great blog so head on over and show her some love!

The Rules:

  • You can participate if you want, if not, you can totally decline it.
  • Mention the person who tagged you.
  • Answer the questions from below.
  • Let the person you tagged know by commenting on their page.

Q & A:

What are you currently wearing? A Peach knit jumper with some black skinnies.

Have you ever been in love? Once and once only!

Did you ever have a terrible breakup? No I haven’t, any split I had before my husband was really just a childish crush!

How old are you? 24

How tall are you? 5’2 – Seems smaller when I write it down haha!

How much do you weigh? Currently 117 LBS

Do you have any piercings? Just my ears, I’m pretty basic.

Do you have any tattoos? Nope, like I said I’m pretty basic.

What’s your favourite drink? It’s got to be coke to be honest. I try not to drink it as often as i want to!

What’s your favourite song? To be honest, I don’t have a favourite song. I really like Cheek to Cheek – Fred Astaire

What’s your zodiac sign? Libra, I don’t have any trivia for that!

How long does it take you to shower? 10-15 Minutes, I’m pretty efficient.

What’s your favourite show? Well, this is slightly difficult, I’m gonna name them all!

Misfits, Gossip girl, Dexter, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, Sons Of Anarchy, Game Of Thrones, The Punisher, Hannibal.

What’s your favourite band? Destiny’s Child (Yes, I know LOL)

Something you really miss? Summer.

Where do you go when you are sad? To my husband.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Around 20 mins for work! 

Have you ever been in a physical fight? Yes a couple. So I’m clearly solid, don’t mess with me.

What turns you on? A freakin’ hot body and a quick wit.

What turns you off? Gormlessness

Quality you look for in a partner? Intelligence, Humour, Good Looks, Athletic, Protective.

What’s your favourite colour? White. I LOVE IT, I know its not a colour but I’m staying loyal.

Loud music or soft? Quiet. Only loud music in da clubbbbb.

Favourite quote? No one can dim the light that shines from within.

Favourite actor? Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Tom Hardy.

Do you have any fears? What are they? The Dark 😦

What’s the last thing that made you cry? Probably thinking about how much I love my son :)!

Meaning behind your blog name? It’s a kind of play on words because I’m into makeup and psychology! So Mind Makeup seemed cool.

Last time you said you loved someone? I told bae I love him earlier.

Last book you read? Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon

The book you’re currently reading? I’m not currently.

Last show you watched? Celebs Go Dating

Last place you were? My mamas house ❤

Last sport you played? Football with my little family at the soft play area :D!

Who’s the last person you talked to? My MR

The last song you sang? Cheek To Cheek -Fred Astaire, this tag reminded me!

Favourite chat up line? I’m not about that life.

Do you have a crush? Ma Husband

The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Ma Husband 🙂

Favourite food? A good Sunday roast!! Any day of the week.

Place you want to visit? Los Angeles

Last time you were insulted? I’m about to be apparently (said Husband).

Favourite flavour of candy? Cola

What instrument do you play? Not One

Favourite piece of jewellery? My engagement ring, and the ring I got from my son for mothers day.

Last time you hung out with someone? Today! Saw da fam.

I’m a pretty basic human but I hope you found that slightly interesting! I’m nominating the below bloggers to complete the TMI tag!

Amusing Elephant

Sincerely Judes

Joedi Grabham

LOOK BOOK 06: Work Out

Like many of us, I want to get fit. I want to be more flexible, feel healthier and of course, look better.

Starting is the hard part.

I love my meat and two veg and I’m partial to a salad too, the problem is, I’m also partial to all the sweets, chocolate, cake and crisps you could get your hands on. Basically I like ALL food!

I do minimal exercise apart from running around after my one year old son, and I am really struggling to get the motivation to start! I’m aware I don’t have an awful figure and I’m not exactly looking to lose weight. But I REALLY want to be fit and healthy!

Do you see my problem!?

Today, to try and kickstart the start of a healthier, more active lifestyle I decided the best place to start was my outfit of the day!

I customised a men’s small tee from STR8ARM the new Calisthenics Apparel Brand!.. What I mean by customised is that I took the tee and cut it into a crop, I then rolled up the sleeves to create a better fit!

I’m hoping the ‘I’m an animal’ slogan will give me some motivation to start working out 💪🏻! I paired the crop with some black skinnies to match with the text. I’m pretty happy with it!

What do you think?

I decided it would be best for me to start by completing a small fitness challenge, something I could do relatively quickly every day to get that heart rate rising (other than my Husband LOL -sorry had to) and those fitness levels improving! I found some examples on the internet just in case I’ve inspired any of you to do the same!

I found these workouts relatively easily on Pinterest!

Let’s do this folks!

As always, if you enjoyed the post, let me know in the comments and hit that like and follow button! You can also find me on Instagram @loleihm so if you follow let me know and I’ll follow back!

Lots of Love


100 followers and how I got them!

Today I woke up to my 100 follower award!

And I feel like throwing a party! I knew blogging would be hard work and take lots of commitment and consistency to get me where I wanted to be, but the reward of an increasing following is coming sooner than I expected, so that’s just great!

Some of you may have thousands of followers, and my number may be but a pinch of salt to you. On the flip side some of you might only have a couple of followers to your name so far and want to know more about how you can hit that 💯! So here are my three top tips for successful blogging!

1: Post consistently

As much as blogging is done for fun, if you’re wanting to build up a good following, you need to give something back! Regular posts will keep your followers interested. If you only blog every couple of weeks, your blog isn’t going to gain any momentum!

Set yourself the task of sitting down and working out how regularly you can write a good blog post. You might find you can write one every Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Or like me, you could blog daily! It just depends on your schedule and how you decide to fit blogging in! I wake up a little earlier than I used to now, so that I can make sure I have a good blog posted before I go to work!


I can not say this enough! Your blog is ran by you and you alone. But the blogging world is not a lonely place to live… it is rich with information and people that have the same interests as you, and indeed have something to share. Get out into the blogging community and share your thoughts on others posts, if you like the blog, give it a follow. It is that simple. I have picked up so many tips from my fellow bloggers and I have had fun reaching out to others to share a kind word.

If you’re not reaching out to other people, why should people take an interest in what you’re saying? We can all grow together, imagine how good it would feel if you rose to success along with the people who stuck with you from the beginning? HELL YEAH!

3: Make use of the tags!

This is a pretty simple one, when you’ve finally got to the end of your blog post, make sure you tag the topics your blog covers! If you write about fashion, tag fashion. This way people who are interested in he same subjects as you will see your posts! It’s no good blogging into thin air, you will find it a lot harder to gain readers this way! You can add up to 15 tags per post so USE THEM!


As a final note I would just like to thank every single one of my followers! You’re awesome, and a special thanks to those of you that take the time out to read my posts and share your likes and thoughts! It means the world to me, and to say thank you I will be doing a 200 follower giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for that because I’m going to be choosing some great beauty related prizes!

If you would like me and maybe a few others to visit your blog then comment your link below and I will be sure to stop by!

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Why being ginger rocks!

It is pretty plain to see I have ginger flowing locks. Admittedly my natural hair colour is a lot darker than the shade I’m currently rocking, but I just love having ginger hair!

*Insert sleazy Snapchat filter above*

Some people are repulsed by the colour and go to lengths to make it apparent. I’m lucky I don’t tend to care about what people think, as throughout my life I’ve had comments like

Do you think gingers will become extinct one day because no one wants a ginger baby’

‘I could see you from a mile away with that orange head’

Apparently gingers have no souls – this one I actually find pretty funny ! And apparently I’m ‘attractive for a ginger’ a comment my husband particularly dislikes as in his words I’m attractive for ANY woman!

Why is it that people feel the need to mock ginger hair? And why is it that ginger people have been excluded from the emoji community? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ I am left with this emoji to call my own: 🦁

I’m pretty thick skinned so I’m not writing this post for my benefit. I’m not too fussed whether people like my hair colour or not, because I sure as hell do! I’m writing this post for the people who don’t have that confidence, the people who have been downtrodden by constant comments and now hate their ginger hair so much that they have put colourant over the top of it because they feel that they couldn’t possibly be beautiful without it.

It just isn’t true!

If you have ginger hair, you rock! Here are some cool facts to prove it…

  • Red heads are more likely to be left handed.
  • Red Heads are more sensitive to pain- yet tolerate it better.
  • Men with red hair are 54% less likely to develop prostate cancer.
  • Less than 2% of the worlds population have red hair.
  • Red Heads can produce their own vitamin D

Now if that doesn’t make you feel pretty cool then I don’t know what will! I happen to think that being a little bit different is awesome, and generally now I’m an adult I have receive lots of lovely comments on my hair colour.

If you do find yourself in a situation where your ginger hair is being mocked, just let that ‘no soul’ attitude shine through and they will get bored in no time!

I would love to hear some of your comments on this subject, so drop a comment below!

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Lots of Love