100 followers and how I got them!

Today I woke up to my 100 follower award!

And I feel like throwing a party! I knew blogging would be hard work and take lots of commitment and consistency to get me where I wanted to be, but the reward of an increasing following is coming sooner than I expected, so that’s just great!

Some of you may have thousands of followers, and my number may be but a pinch of salt to you. On the flip side some of you might only have a couple of followers to your name so far and want to know more about how you can hit that 💯! So here are my three top tips for successful blogging!

1: Post consistently

As much as blogging is done for fun, if you’re wanting to build up a good following, you need to give something back! Regular posts will keep your followers interested. If you only blog every couple of weeks, your blog isn’t going to gain any momentum!

Set yourself the task of sitting down and working out how regularly you can write a good blog post. You might find you can write one every Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Or like me, you could blog daily! It just depends on your schedule and how you decide to fit blogging in! I wake up a little earlier than I used to now, so that I can make sure I have a good blog posted before I go to work!


I can not say this enough! Your blog is ran by you and you alone. But the blogging world is not a lonely place to live… it is rich with information and people that have the same interests as you, and indeed have something to share. Get out into the blogging community and share your thoughts on others posts, if you like the blog, give it a follow. It is that simple. I have picked up so many tips from my fellow bloggers and I have had fun reaching out to others to share a kind word.

If you’re not reaching out to other people, why should people take an interest in what you’re saying? We can all grow together, imagine how good it would feel if you rose to success along with the people who stuck with you from the beginning? HELL YEAH!

3: Make use of the tags!

This is a pretty simple one, when you’ve finally got to the end of your blog post, make sure you tag the topics your blog covers! If you write about fashion, tag fashion. This way people who are interested in he same subjects as you will see your posts! It’s no good blogging into thin air, you will find it a lot harder to gain readers this way! You can add up to 15 tags per post so USE THEM!


As a final note I would just like to thank every single one of my followers! You’re awesome, and a special thanks to those of you that take the time out to read my posts and share your likes and thoughts! It means the world to me, and to say thank you I will be doing a 200 follower giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for that because I’m going to be choosing some great beauty related prizes!

If you would like me and maybe a few others to visit your blog then comment your link below and I will be sure to stop by!

If you enjoyed this post and want to see more then do hit that follow button! If Instagram is your thing you can find me at @loleihm

Lots of Love


Thank you: From a new blogger! 🤩

I started this blog with silent hopes that it could eventually become my part time job.

I have been seriously blogging for around 12 days (and what I mean by that is I have posted at least one blog every day for 12 days) and the response I have gotten in that time is nothing short of magical to me! I started up this blog in December and I wrote a few posts but I wasn’t consistent, mainly because I didn’t know what I actually wanted to write about!

Once I decided I wanted to use my blog and Instagram (@loleihm) in unison to talk about my love of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and psychology it became a lot easier to think of ideas for posts.

I have managed to gain 70 followers in under two weeks!

This makes me so incredibly happy 😆! Every bit of support I get just makes me feel so good! So I suppose I just wanted to check in with ya’ll to say a big thank you for following, commenting and showing love to a new blogger! It honestly means the world to me.

The feedback I have received has only made me feel more determined to keep going! I have gained so much knowledge about blogging, interacting and taking photographs in this short space of time and I plan to keep learning and continuing to develop my skills as a writer and blogger.

If you’ve just started blogging and are looking for some feedback, for someone to read your posts or just some more views I would love for you to paste your link in the comments so we can get some more interaction going, because at the end of the day blogging is about saying what you want to say but it’s also about connecting with the wider writer community!

Lots of love!


A Letter to…

This is something I have been thinking about doing for a while. I’m interested to see what responses I get. If you take part try to talk From your heart and be free with your words!


1: Write a letter to someone, anyone you choose about anything that you would like to say to them. It can be positive, negative or neither!

2: Write a short response as to why you chose that person and why you wrote what you did.

3: Email this to: laurenhemmingmarsh@outlook.com Titled: A Letter To


You can only write to one person.

Letter length should be no longer than one side of A4 but can be as short as once sentence.

You can write free hand and photograph your letter, you can type it up on a word document or simply write it in the email it is entirely up to you!

If you wish for your Letter not to be published on this blog or anywhere else please state so in the email.

If you would like to remain anonymous please state so in the email.

You do not have to use any names in your letter. Examples below:

To G,

This is my Letter to you,

From A

Dear Father,

This is my Letter to you, 

From your Daughter

If you have any questions please email me!