Fashion Friday 08: Lace Look book ðŸ­!

Happy Friday wonderful people! Friday means FASHION here on the blog so today I will be sharing with you my outfit of the day!

I wanted something casual yet glam 😏 because as you know I like to be able to switch to flats if I need to… heels can get extremely uncomfortable after a while!

Tadaaaaa! I’ve been seeing so many lace crops layered with jumpers over on Instagram so I jut had to try it out for myself! I really think it adds something sweet and delicate to the overall look of the outfit.

I got the crop jumper from Miss Selfridge like 4 years ago so I’m assuming it’s not available any longer 😂! I grew really bored of this jumper but I’ve up-cycled it in a way and I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit more!

So do you like this outfit and would you try something similar?

I’m 100% going to start trying to re wear more of the clothing I already have and find new ways to make them fun and relevant again!

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Lots of Love


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