Morphe Beauty Wishlist πŸŒˆ

It is no secret that I’ve been wanting to expand my makeup collection. I have a very modest amount of makeup and tools for application as I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

If you’re into the world of beauty, you will know it’s really hard to choose between all of the amazing brands and products on the market! Especially if you’re new on the scene!

What I want is amazing quality for a great price! I find that Makeup Revolution are brilliant at what they do and I have quite a bit of their range now, so I’m looking to branch out a bit and spend a tiny bit more in order to see if I can upgrade my skills through better quality makeup and tools!

So with all of that being said, I have decided to buy some products from MORPHE. I have heard so many amazing reviews of their makeup range so I was shocked when their palettes didn’t seem to have an extortionate price tag!

First on the list is:

The Morphe Colour Burst Eyeshadow Palette

For 35 shades I feel like this is an amazing price, and I have my eyes on the yellow and red tones especially 😻!

The second item in my shopping basket is:

The Morphe Eye Slay Brushes

This is what I need to enable me to get the killer precision I’ve been dreaming of!

Need I say more about precision with the next and last item on my list?…

The Draw Attention Liner Set

Yaaaaas. Even just looking at these gets me so excited!

What do you think of MORPHE? Do they live up to the hype?

Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this post and of course enjoy some more don’t let me stop you! All I ask is that you give me a follow 😘!

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