Fashion Friday 07: Saturday Vibes

Lol I’m posting my fashion Friday on a Saturday! 🙄 I am legit having a jam packed Easter weekend so decided to write my Fashion Friday post now while I have a few minutes!

My little sister is having a sleepover at my house tonight and I love it because 1: I don’t see her as much as I used to and 2: It gives my little man someone to play with!

This is the outfit I’m wearing today!

The shirt is actually full size but I undid some of the buttons to tie it up! I’m not a fan of baggy clothing on myself so I found a way to make it a little more fitted!

Paired with some high waisted jeans and my favourite lace up boots!

I really like this outfit! The satin shirt makes me feel luxury 🤩! I wore a faux fur and brown faux leather jacket over the top when we went to pick up my sister…What do you think of today’s look?

Let me know!

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Lots of Love


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