Good Morning! Today’s fashion Friday is a bit different because I’m actually wearing something that’s fit for the UK weather. Ok maybe half of me is haha!

Today I present to you this gorgeous jumper dress by Sole Et Al . Don’t you think the logo is just beaut in itself!

Look at me getting low for the shot 😂! I have literally no complaints about this J-dress, I’m still wearing it now because it is so comfy! You can glam it up as I have done in the shots above or you can dress it down with some leggings and pumps!

There is a big sale on at the moment and I can also give you a further 10% off with my discount code: LOLLY10 😘

What do y’all think of this look? And have you ever heard of this brand before?

P.S Does anyone else study their knees in their photos to see if there’s a face or is that just something I do 😂!

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