MAKEUP MONDAY 04: Fruit Salad

HEYYYYY TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS! And hey if you’re new to my blog! I am feeling super happy this week and I think it is because for what seems like the first time in my life, everything is falling into place!

Today I introduce my fruit salad makeup look. And I’m not talking about a bowl of healthy treats, I’m talking about these sweets of course:

So if you didn’t know, now ya know! And if you did know, how good do the taste 😍!

This makeup makes me happy, because it’s vibrant, it matches my complexion, it’s warm and it reminds me of sugar so ya know winning all round! Did you notice my lips are two different shades? It’s pretty funny because to create the bottom shade I used some of the orange eyeshadow over the lipstick I had on 😂! I didn’t have the shade I wanted in an actual lipstick and I’m so happy with it because it made the original lipstick into more of a matte finish which is beaut!

I used this Makeup Revolution Palette on my eyes. I literally love their makeup range because having a makeup hobby can actually become really expensive. So I just think they are wonderful to charge so little for products that are so good! Here are the shades I used:

I just love these colours as you can probably tell because I’ve done a similar look in one of my other makeup Monday posts!

I really enjoyed creating this look and sharing it with you guys so let me know what you think of it?

Have you ever done anything weird like putting eyeshadow on your lips? 👀 Let me know!

If you’re thinking of following then please do! It means so much to me as I am working on making this my part time job!

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Lots of Love


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