SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: Foundations and Fairytales

This week I my Sunday Shoutout post is dedicated to Foundations and Fairytales by Jess.

She is 22 and a lover of makeup, books and Disney, which is a pretty awesome combination that you don’t see too often!

Jess’s blog stole my heart because the way she writes is so open and honest. She is 100% herself and has no problem telling you that THE LITTLE MERMAID IS HER FAVOURITE DISNEY FILM AND ALWAYS WILL BE!

I really like the blog post about her eyeshadow palette collection because it actually shows a great comparison between high end and high street eyeshadow brands.

Here’s one of her beaut photographs from this post :

So if you’re into these topics, or even if you’re not, head over and have a mooch, because it’s awesome to get to know our fellow bloggers and it’s great that we all have slightly different interests!

Well! I hope you enjoyed this weeks shoutout and a big thank you to Jess for submitting her blog!

If you would like to be involved in the next Shoutout then paste your link on Wednesdays submission post and I will be sure to have a nosey around your blog!

Lots of Love


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