Don’t let women tell you how to be a woman today.

In current times I feel that the spotlight is on women. We have been fighting for equality probably since the beginning of humanity!

But what I find most interesting is how women make women feel about being female in society today.

This is my perspective, it is somewhat subjective to my experiences. The way I see things may not be the way you see things and you may have some points to counter what I say. Well great I’m open to it. So here goes.

Why is it that today. Yesterday, and probably tomorrow, that I feel women look down on me when I say I would rather be a stay at home mom. I work a part time job by the way so I’m not currently doing as I’d wish BECAUSE BILLS. But why do women feel the need to force their fellow ladies to work. With utterings such as ‘women fought for their right to work’. Yes they did and I commend them. Although in my opinion they fought for the choice to work. Which is a polite way of saying, that if a woman wants to work, she can work. If a woman wants to be a stay at home mom, she can. Get over it.

Why is it that some women who are stay at home mothers look down on women who work? Yet commend the father for doing 72 hours per week. Did you know ladies that a fathers parental role is equally important to the child as yours? And that’s been quantified people.

Why is it that women who choose not to be mothers are selfish? I’d rather a woman make the decision not to have a child if she feels she does not want to be a mother!

Why is it that women who show more flesh are not empowered ? Of course they are. So are women who wear a suit to work. So are women who are doing the washing up in their own home right now. So are women who wear makeup. SO ARE WOMEN WHO DON’T. Because a woman is empowered when she feels that she is. Isn’t being controlled by what other women think just a little bit counter productive?

What is the point in equality amongst men and women if women do not stop to reflect on how they treat eachother.

I feel most judgement on females comes from females. I hear comments like this all the time falling from the mouths of women: “she looks like a boy her hair is short” “She’s not a woman she’s flat chested” “A real woman isn’t just skin and bones” “She’s too muscly, no way is she a woman”… HOLD UP SALLY, I have some news for you! They are ALL women.

What I am trying to say in all this is that we should be raising each other up. Admiring our individual strengths. There isn’t a rule book on how to be a woman we just are. If you are kind hearted then you are wonderful. Empower yourself the way you see fit and don’t let opinion dictate your life.

Don’t let other women tell you how to be a woman today.

10 points to whoever counts how many times I say ‘woman’ in this piece 😂! I hope you enjoyed reading my rant! Let me know what you think!

Lots of Love


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