Where’d you get those lashes hun?

This blog post was prompted by a comment I received from one of my Instagram followers!

It was on this video right here:

By a young lady asking me where I bought my lashes! So I decided to write a lil old review for all of my blogging beauties!

I bought them from my local Asda Superstore! They set me back £8, which in my opinion is actually really good for a set of two lashes!

The glue is provided, and as the box states they are re-useable which is always an absolute bonus! I have worn one pair 3 times now and I would say they are starting to lose shape now. So six uses out of a box of two seems relatively good!

The only slight downfall to that is that I am not sure the glue will last that long to be honest. It’s a very small container, but I haven’t used it up yet so I wouldn’t know for certain just yet.

As you can see in the video the lashes look very luxurious. They don’t overpower the look and they are very easy to apply.

So if you love these lashes, and you live in the UK 😜. Head on down to your local Asda and grab yourself some!

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Lots of Love


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