SUNDAY SHOUTOUT 03: Imperfect Beauty

Happy Sunday everyone!

It is the day of the shoutout! And today I will be introducing you to the beautiful Catherine and her blog Imperfect Beauty!

Catherine is a relatively new blogger, yet you can hardly tell as her blog and posts look so professional! I love the simplicity of the layout and the clean look of the overall design.

She is 24 years young and is a lover of all things , makeup! She also writes about fashion and lifestyle so she’s a beauty and style all rounder 😉! Her posts are jam packed with information and stunning images that just want to make you keep reading!

Catherine is very generous with her knowledge of blogging and is always happy to share tips and advice on how to be a better blogger! So I’m really loving this post on How to improve your blog posts without spending any money.

I know that a lot of my followers are into makeup and fashion just like me so make sure you head over and have a browse, you won’t be disappointed!

Lots of Love


If you would like to be featured in the next Sunday Shoutout -submit the link to your blog on Wednesdays submission post!

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