International Women’s Day Deals!

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY! To all the beautiful, gentle, fierce, strong, intelligent, life bearing women all over the planet continuing to kick butt every day!

I am pretty happy right now because I had a sick idea! Basically, while scrolling my Instagram I saw one that of my favourite brands have put out an international women’s day discount code!

I decided to look at some other big brands in the hope that they too have been getting on the IWD hype and showing love to women all over! I’ve grouped all the ones I have found down below, some of the discounts have absolutely nothing to do with IWD but they’re awesome discounts anyway so I decided to include them! Some brands have been a little more inventive and come up with some other brilliant ways to support women. So have a look! It’s your day, treat yourself to something awesome and continue on your amazing journey!

House Of CB Women’s fashion, Shoes, Underwear and more!

AX Paris Women’s Fashion Brand

Born To Be Chic Women’s Fashion

Boux Avenue Are giving you guys the opportunity to make a charitable donation to breast cancer care!

ELF COSMETICS are donating 15% of all sales made to Girls Inc!

Tarte Cosmetics are running an awesome competition over at their Instagram!

If you are a woman, I wish for you to leave this blog post with pride in your heart. Women are amazing and do absolutely incredible things every day!

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