Makeup Monday 02: Sunset

Hey everyone! I have been working hard on improving my makeup game lately and I’m so pleased because I can actually see my hard work starting to pay off!

Because my last look was so cold I decided to contrast with some warmth this time and took inspiration from the sunset!

What do you think!?

The main feature of this look is the eyes! It’s my favourite part of my makeup routine. I used the Jolie Beauty, Luxe Glitz Palette on my eyes. Along with some black eyeshadow, black pencil eyeliner and black liquid eyeliner.

Here’s a closer look!

I worked really hard on the blending and I am extremely pleased with the results, as you can’t really tell where the pink ends and the more orangey tones begin!

I’m writing about what I used for my lips in a separate blog post tomorrow so look out for that if you’re interested.

I also realised that I had been keeping my eyeshadow too low on the eyelid. Now I am starting to push colour up further towards my brows I really feel like it is making a bigger impact.

I used some copper gold glitter from the Jolie Beauty palette to make the inter corners of my eyes look pretty 🤩!

I’d love to know what you think of this weeks look, I had so much fun doing it!

Lots of Love


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