SUNDAY SHOUTOUT 02: Words With Kris

Yay! Sunday is shaping up to be one of my favourite days! I have had a lovely time looking through all of the links you guys posted on my last Sunday Shoutout submission post!

It was a hard decision this week because there were lots of wonderful blogs to choose from but there was something about this lady that made me want to stay a little longer and read a little more.

The lady in question is the lovely:

Words With Kris

Kris is clearly into dogs! As she has two of them in her ‘about me’ page. She is a self confessed introvert and is using her blog to find her voice, which I think is fabulous, because we all have something to say right?

Secret Secrets is the first post I read that got me really intrigued. It is an open deeply honest depiction of who she was and how she wants to change this! Honesty is a quality I think all bloggers should have. I also love the fact that Kris is using her platform to talk about Feminism, which is a very misunderstood political ideology. Feminism is about equality for both Sexes. So if you’re into equality you’ll love her blog!

It would make me so happy if you guys could go and check out some more of her posts and find out for yourself what she is all about! If you enjoy the way she writes as much as I do then give her a follow!

If you fancy being featured in one of my Sunday Shoutouts then look out for my submission posts every Wednesday! I am seeing all of your submissions so don’t feel disheartened if you didn’t get it this time!

Lots of Love


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2 thoughts on “SUNDAY SHOUTOUT 02: Words With Kris”

  1. Thank you so much, you’re too sweet! I feel so honored 😊. I’m glad to know someone enjoys my writing and point of view.
    I think this is such a cool idea, and your blog is so interesting and helpful, Looking forward to see who else you give a shout out to next!

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