SUNDAY SHOUTOUT 01: The Key To Kayleigh

Hey everyone! This post marks the first of many, Sunday shoutouts!

After looking through all of the wonderful blogs to comment on my Original Post  I decided Kayleigh from TheKeyToKayleigh was the perfect candidate for my first shoutout!

The number one thing that caught my attention was the interesting blog name! Paired with the gorgeous banner I loved this blog from the start! It has a little bird on it, and I realised when reading her About Me Page she’s a bit of a bird nerd, so as you can tell everything about her blog is extremely personal and well thought out.

This lady is fascinating to say the least! She is 25 years young, and lives in the beautiful Cornwall, a place she adores! She is in love with animals and is currently studying her last year of applied zoology… you go gurl!


The way she writes is so open and honest, reading her posts makes you feel like you’re chatting to a friend! Not only that, but she is not afraid to get stuck in with the blogging community and share her thoughts on other blogs. I say time and time again, blogging is about the community. So if you want to know more (because I’m not giving away all the gossip!) head on over to Kayleigh’s blog and show her some love!

If you would like to be featured in the next Sunday Shoutout then comment your link down below and I will be sure to pay you a visit!

Lots of Love


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3 thoughts on “SUNDAY SHOUTOUT 01: The Key To Kayleigh”

  1. Thank you so much lovely! So glad you picked me! What beautiful words about me and my blog! 😘💕😆 nearly brought a little tear to my eye!
    I’m so glad you enjoy reading what I write! Yours was one of the first blogs I came across, I love it more every time you post! And I LOVE your theme idea.
    Can’t thank you enough for being so lovely! Xxx

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