Hello lovely people! Today is Friday which means it’s FASHION FRIDAY!

This is when I share my favourite look of the week with you!.. I went to a birthday party with my little family on the weekend and I ordered the most beautiful dress for it.

I wanted to be BOLD and COLOURFUL 🍊So this is what I chose…

I love the oriental style of this dress, Orange is a colour I never normally go for but I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! I matched it with some lace up heels that I’ve had for quite a few years now, gifted to me by my lovely Husband ♥️! They were from TopShop.

I received so many compliments and I was really glad I decided to be bold and more myself if I’m honest!

Here’s a pic of me and my darling boy, because why not!

You can find this dress At Pretty Little Thing for £28! I would say that that is a really fair price for what you get, the quality of the material was much nicer than I was expecting and I really did feel amazing!

Let me know what you think!

And as always, if you enjoyed this post then show some love!

Lots of Love



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14 thoughts on “FASHION FRIDAY 01: 🍊”

  1. OMG yesssss you look really pretty no wonder you got so many compliments.. The dress really suits you . I loved the fact that you kept all the attraction towards your dress and did not wear any accessories ❤

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