REVIEW: Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven

For my birthday a couple of years ago now, I received this beaut Montaigne Jeunesse Top to toe treats tin from my sister! I use them every so often if I’m planning a night out or I feel like having a relaxing evening.

It includes face masks, hair masks, body scrubs and foot masks! So top to toe just like it says on the tin! I am going to be reviewing some of the hair masks in the near future so look out for those!

This tin costs a total of £10 at the moment which I think is amazing considering everything you get!

Today I tried the ‘Red Hot Earth Sauna Mask’

I took one photograph of my face and thought nope absolutely too scary to ever see the light of day! So you’ll just have to believe what I’m saying haha!

The mask is very creamy pink and you can feel the heat as soon as you put it in your palm! You apply the mask to an already cleansed wet face. When I did this I was actually quite shocked with the intensity of the heat -in a good way though! It actually felt hot but soon died down when I left it for a few seconds to a mellower heat.

I left it on for the recommended time of 15 mins while I was in the bath, then I washed it off. I did find that the heat really helped to open my pores so I could get all that grime out!

Now my face is dry it now feels very clean, smooth and a little on the dry side. But it’s a good feeling because I feel that I’ve actually cleaned my face properly, I don’t have any visible flakes of skin. I’m going to apply a little bit of moisturiser when I’ve finished this post and I’ll be good to apply my makeup later!

I think these masks are amazing value for money and really make you feel like you’ve had a little treat when you’re done, so I would highly recommend!

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