I have been thinking more recently that it would be pretty cool if I could think of blog theme for each day of the week! That way, my readers and I will know what to expect each day! I feel that this will add more structure to my posts and make me better prepared to absolutely nail it with my daily posts!

So I thought I would share with you some themes that I will be introducing soon!


Monday’s blog post will now become Makeup Monday. I will share my makeup look of the day! I have been experimenting with more colour eyeshadow and eye liner techniques lately, so I will be sharing my looks and how I created them!

Wednesdays will be for reviewing anything I see fit! My main categories will be makeup and skincare products but I will also be throwing in the odd review of something different too!

There’s no prizes for guessing what this day will involve! I have been doing lots of LOOKBOOK posts so it only seemed logical to have a specific day for them! These will include my look of the day, where I got it and how happy I am with the look haha!

This is one of my most exciting new categories! Well it is for me anyway! I am planning to shout out a different blogger every Sunday! Of course it will be one of my lovely followers. I am going to create another post on Sunday with a little bit more detail so look out for that one if you want a shout out!

I’ve got to say folks, I am really happy with how this blog is starting to shape up!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new themes! They will be slowly introduced over the coming weeks!

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18 thoughts on “NEW WEEKDAY THEMES ๐Ÿ’‹”

  1. Themes are a great idea! I started off with a Friday Photo, and soon discovered these posts fell into two camps; the single photo and the multiple shots. Out of that the Monday Montage was born. The great thing is, if I’m struggling to write something mid-week, I can play around with pictures instead!

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