Hey Fashion Babez! So as I mentioned in my previous post I am going to start adding different themes to the days of the week! Today happens to be fashion friday, so I shall start with that!

I literally found this roll neck crop at the bottom of a draw somewhere. I bought it around three years ago and I’ve never worn it! It was from Boohoo and would have only been around £6! I ordered this skirt from Pretty Little Thing recently and immediately loved it when I tried it on!

I feel like this look is really fresh and cute for the summer! Maybe not so much in the cold UK right now, but a girl can dream can’t she!

I love the button up front of the skirt. It just adds a little more interest to the whole look and you could easily wear some white pumps with this to stick with the casual theme!

What do you think? Also let me know if you’d like me to do a separate post about the fake tan I use haha because I’m loving it right now!

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5 thoughts on “FASHION FRIDAY 01”

  1. I too love the button front skirt idea that’s currently a trend. I really want to order some clothing from Pretty Little Thing, reading this post just made me want to go on the website and order some items. For some odd reason a turtle neck and crop top confuses me haha.


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