LOOK BOOK 05: The Little Black Dress

The ‘little black dress’ is such a classic look. This style started in 1926 when Coco Chanel used the colour in fashion. Before this time Black was really only used for mourning a death! All hail Chanel!

Whenever you’re struggling for something to wear, the LBD is always there for you! No matter the season, you can slip one on and feel instantly sassed up and ready to go!

Bought from: ORLATURA £20

I absolutely love this dress, it pulls you in in all the right places and the lace deep-v at the front really adds a special little detail.

This particular garment isn’t on sale any more so It got me thinking about what other types of beautiful LBD I could find on the market right now! Here’s three I picked out:

1: Pretty Little Thing- Ruched Bardot Bodycon

This is so dreamy 😍! Pretty Little thing have also took the time out to let is know this dress is perfect for an hourglass figure. The off the shoulder design really adds that feminine touch and £20 is a bargain!

2: Millie Modelli- Velvet Love Letter Midi – £48

Velvet makes you feel so luxurious! If you’re looking for comfort and style I would definitely go for this little number! The tie straps add something a little different to a classic body on.

3: Newer Than Now -Chloe Dress £38

The nude mesh torso and sleeves on this dress are so delicate compared to the, sharp hemmed cotton. I haven’t seen a dress quite like this before and I think it is gorgeous! The design gives all the style of a strapless dress without having to hoist it back up when it falls down, so top marks for that!

So there we have it!

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