The Psychology of red lipstick 💋!

Red lipstick is a statement. We all know that. We tend to save this shade for a night out or date night so what is it about this shade that women love?

First of all, studies conducted by Psychology Today have found that both men and women find the opposite sex to be more attractive when they are wearing red or even standing against a red background. Red is seen as daring and sexy. So wearing this lip colour boosts the confidence of females because they instantly feel more attractive and assertive.

Some women say that this colour helps them to re-assert their femininity on days when they aren’t feeling their best. Others say it’s just plain HOT!

Red is well known as the colour of love, a red rose is signified as the ultimate valentines gift. So if you’re headed out this valentines make sure you put your red lipstick to good use!

I, myself don’t tend to wear a lot of red lipstick. I tend to go for more plums and nudes. With this blog post in mind today I went with the red theme and It did actually make me feel amazing and indeed confident!

What is your go to shade?

Do you think red is more attractive than other colours?

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19 thoughts on “The Psychology of red lipstick 💋!”

  1. This makes me want to try red again! Unfortunately, my lips are very thin, so I tend to stick to shades that don’t draw too much attention to that area. Looks great on you though!

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