LOOK BOOK 03: Bringing Sexy Back

Hey hey beauties!

So first off let’s tackle the title of this post. Yes I called it bringing sexy back! Why? Because why the hell not!.. The dress I’m about to talk to you about Is SEXAYYYY!

That doesn’t mean I think I look super sexy or want people to have sex with me when I wear this dress. To me, what it means is it’s a bit daring, sassy and sometimes reveals parts of your body you wouldn’t expect from a dress! It makes me FEEL sexy!

And here it is…

This is little black dress gone bad! As you can see the length is modestly sitting below the knee, however the tie detail at the side takes it to another level! Indeed making it a little less boring and a little more daring!

Because you can tighten and loosen the straps wherever you wish, you can really tailor this dress to your body shape, which I think is amazing!

I chose to pair this dress with a simple black sandal heel to fit in with the tie detail. With the hair I went for a slightly messy look to fit with the un-tamed dress!

What do you think of this look?

Would you wear this dress?

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10 thoughts on “LOOK BOOK 03: Bringing Sexy Back”

    1. I think sometimes fear unnecessarily stops us from doing a lot of things we want to do in life and especially what other people will think but I’ve been learning lately that you have to do what’s right for you! Thank you for your kind words 😘✨!


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