Colours that suit light skin tones.

Hey hey people!

If you’re anything like me, unless you have a whole bottle of spray tan on you, the colour black is not your friend.

My skin is very fair and freckled, so sometimes wearing dark, harsh colours, actually makes me look ill. So I wanted to share some of the colours I’m loving on me at the moment!


When I wear white, my skin looks considerably darker than normal! (Let’s pretend white is a colour for a moment please). You can wear it any time of year, and literally pair it with any other colour! So you can’t go wrong there really can you!


I just love wearing pinks, peaches and nudes at the moment. It seems that when I wear them I feel warmer. I’ve realised it’s also a good colour match with the ginger hair I have going on at the moment.

This isn’t just restricted to clothing by the way, because I’m also rocking the pink eyeshadows at the moment too!

What?!? You say… It’s not as bad as you’re imagining, here’s an example:

What do you think? It’s possible I’m just looking forward to the summer too much but I am really feeling the lighter colours at the moment! Velvet reds are a distant memory!

The last colour I’m going to share with you today is this beauty!


You might think that blue could only look cold on you but I find this colour actually works really well with my skin, it doesn’t make me look more blue! The harshness of it actually serves the purpose of making me look more pink!

What are your favourite colours to pair with your skin tone?

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