MAKEUP REVIEW: Iconic London Pigment Stick

I have been using the Iconic London Pigment stick for highlight contouring for around two months now and I absolutely love it!

I use shade 0 as seen below as I have really fair skin.

These pigment sticks can be used as foundation, concealer or contour, it’s up to you really! I bought one for my wedding, and to be honest I would have bought more if I had the money but they are quite pricey! £24.99 to be exact, but as I said I’ve been using it as a highlight for two months and there is still about half left so not too bad on longevity.

I use mine like so:

It works perfectly as a highlighter in this shade and all the colleagues at Iconic are really helpful when it comes to choosing the shade that is right for you! If I wanted to use it for foundation I would have gone for a darker shade for example.

They always leave you with a flawless finish…

I think that in reality it would be fairer to price these items at around £16 when comparing them to other products I’ve used, but they often have discounts running meaning you can get them a lot cheaper than £25 anyway which is pretty cool!

It’s important to note also that all of their products are 100% cruelty free! 🐰

I give this makeup product a 7/10 and would definitely recommend!

What makeup item do you swear by?

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