How to style a deep-v outfit when you have small boobs!

Hey hey everyone!

Now I don’t know about the other small boobed people in the neighbourhood. But I’m a size 8 everywhere and more like a size 6 in the chest department, and it seems that when I buy deep-v cut dresses, jumpsuits etc, I am left feeling a bit silly because there is SO much space hanging out where my boobs should be! So if I went without some sort of bra, my breasts would be out all night and I’m not sure I could handle chilly nipples for that long (or the strange looks).

So I thought why not write a blog about how I styled a jumpsuit that was too big for my boobs!

ENTER: The bralette! These days you can get many different types of bralette to go with all sorts of outfits. Some thick and some sheer like the one I’m wearing above! The model in the photograph was wearing this outfit without a bra but as I was struggling with this option I decided a sheer bralette with a floral appliqué would be perfect! To be honest I think that it only enhances the outfit as a whole 😁! I finished off the look with a simple necklace to divide a bit of the skin space left over and hey presto, I’m pretty impressed!

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is, no matter your size or shape, with a bit of imagination you can rock any outfit you like, so don’t be put off certain styles because you look different to the model on the website!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! So if you have a spare minute, leave a comment on this post!

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