Your new brow lady!

Ok so the best brow lady in the world happens to be my sister! She is the bomb.

She is Birmingham based and is qualified in the following:

– HD Brows

– Nouveau LVL Lashes

– Nouveau Eyelash Extensions

She also offers waxing, threading and tinting services!

Ok so you want some proof right? I grabbed some before and after images from her Instagram page @probrowbeauty ….

These are my beautiful eyelash extensions I had done for my hen night and wedding 😍!

Here is an example of HD Brows

It’s not just me who thinks she’s good either as you can see!

So If you or a friend are on the hunt for your very own brow lady, get in touch with her!

You can contact her via the instagram page mentioned above, or visit the website here!

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