A Letter to…

This is something I have been thinking about doing for a while. I’m interested to see what responses I get. If you take part try to talk From your heart and be free with your words!


1: Write a letter to someone, anyone you choose about anything that you would like to say to them. It can be positive, negative or neither!

2: Write a short response as to why you chose that person and why you wrote what you did.

3: Email this to: laurenhemmingmarsh@outlook.com Titled: A Letter To


You can only write to one person.

Letter length should be no longer than one side of A4 but can be as short as once sentence.

You can write free hand and photograph your letter, you can type it up on a word document or simply write it in the email it is entirely up to you!

If you wish for your Letter not to be published on this blog or anywhere else please state so in the email.

If you would like to remain anonymous please state so in the email.

You do not have to use any names in your letter. Examples below:

To G,

This is my Letter to you,

From A

Dear Father,

This is my Letter to you, 

From your Daughter

If you have any questions please email me!



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