An Honest Depiction of Parenthood

When my Husband and I first found out I was pregnant, we were absolutely over the moon. We found out on New Year’s Eve, so the news really did mark a new beginning and a different stage of our lives together. Our little boy was planned and we literally couldn’t be happier! All of the friends I told were really happy for me too and I was glad to share my excitement with people who cared.

However, the negativity I could see all around me was truly astonishing! My partner wanted to share his excitement with the world, too; however his happiness was often met with extremely negative comments… “wait till you’re getting up every hour of the night, you won’t be so excited then!” “You won’t be saying that when they’re constantly crying.” I thought it was absolutely awful. If my partner had said he had just bought a new fancy car, I can’t imagine anyone saying “wait till you see how much petrol it needs then” “wait till you crash and ruin it then.” It just doesn’t happen.

I scroll through Facebook and see countless posts titled “mother’s brutally honest depiction of parenthood,” and see images like this…

Yes, I understand you might argue, this is just a bit of fun Lauren, why are you taking it the wrong way! But these images are littered with negativity, and there are thousands of them! “I used to be cool and do cool things” is a very sad depiction of what being a parent is and, to be quite frank, who said you were cool before? It really annoys me to be honest when I see people blasting their children on Facebook, especially when there are families who didn’t get to hold their baby, or got to hold their little angel but never got to take them home. I am in no way saying being a parent is easy. Or that it isn’t tiring, and that people shouldn’t be honest about the struggles you face during parenthood. What I’m trying to say is that it isn’t JUST THAT. It is so much more!

Is this really true? Or ‘Honest’?

It’s a whole lot better waking up to your child than an alarm clock!

Being a parent is amazing!

You get to look at a miniature version of yourself or the one you love doing awesome stuff, every day! Like learning words and saying silly things that make you laugh until your belly hurts. You may have to wake up at 5AM every morning but as soon as you sit up and look at that child smiling back at you, the time of the morning disappears. First steps? I can’t even tell you of the pride you will feel. That little human has eyes as beautiful as the universe, and when they look at you and their eyes tell you they love you there is absolutely no greater feeling. That little human loves you so so much, and they think you are the coolest person on the planet!

If you knew you had just one more week to spend with your child, would you moan or curse? No, you would wake up each morning before them, just to watch them sleep. You would stop washing up and play with them a little longer. You’d fill their days with joy and they’d gladly return the favour. You would wish you could have a million more sleepless nights just to have them with you. You would laugh with them and you would cry at the thought of losing them. You wouldn’t want to be ‘cool’ like you were before you had them. Because they make you a better person.

Am I being dramatic?


But it’s something I really care about.

Deciding to become a parent is a huge, rewarding, tiring, amazing experience. Nothing worth having comes easy, and one day they will have lives all of their own, so let’s just appreciate the good times while they’re still our babies.

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